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Teaching Your Dog to Wait

The Wait command tells your dog that he must not move past a spot. It is particularly useful for dogs that barge through doors, gates, crate doors, etc.

I will explain how to teach a puppy not to barge out of his crate - once you understand this it should be easy to adapt the behavior to whatever situation you like. This is one behavior where I actually don't use the clicker as it is easy enough for the dog to understand.

Okay, say you are going to get your pup out of his crate (please don't try to teach this when she is desperate to go out & relieve herself!) You start to open the crate door & she starts to push through, so you instantly SHUT THE CRATE DOOR. Let her stand there a moment and be confused, When she relaxes (or isn't trying to get out), then start to open the door again. She barges, again quickly shut it. After a while she should start to give up on trying to rush out, and sit there while you open the door. At first, don't expect much -if she holds it for a moment, quickly open the door, saying "Okay!" and let her out. Eventually, however, you want her to show more & more self-control. You should be able to get the door all the way open and have her wait in there, until you release her to come out.

Practicing this with front doors, gates, and car doors could could save your dog's life someday!

  Happy Waiting!! 

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