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Recommended Resources

Please be aware that there are many different schools of dog training, and some of them are very harsh. Just picking up any book or DVD to use is not a good idea! Below are links to some of the things that I have found the most helpful. Clicking on the links to purchase them (or anything on those sites!) helps to pay for this site, so I can keep the lessons free!

Is your dog having agression issues?  Please check out the wonderful new book by Emma Parsons, Click to Calm.

Do you have a new puppy AND kids of your own?  Consider the new DVD that shows kids clicker training their puppies, Clicker Puppy DVD!

Leslie Nelson has several great booklets (including Really Reliable Recall and Training Instructor Workbook) and videos available at her Tails-U-Win site.

Karen Pryor's site and The JB Wholesale site have tons of great things, such as quieter clickers and the Oinker Roll which can so easily be cut up into tasty treats.

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