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Treats for Little Dogs

I am not suggesting that little guys get different treats from their bigger cousins (although their portions should be proportionally smaller, of course). But I do have a suggestion that can help giving treats to small dogs much easier!

First, though, I want to credit trainer extraordinaire Patty Ruzzo with this.  She explained it at the 1998 APDT conference. And she actually gave credit to one of her own students for the original idea!

Small dog owners are going to find that constantly bending over to give treats is going to get old very quickly. Teaching heeling will be almost impossible! So - stop bending down! Instead, get a wooden spoon or something and smear it with something tasty such as peanut butter, soft cheese, or liverwurst. Remember to vary it! Then, when you click a behavior, just hold out the spoon & let your dog have a lick! Your back will love you for it. 

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